Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions regarding sales: 

All sales are FINAL.  However, If your product arrived to you damaged  as it sometimes happens during shipment we will arrange shipping of a replacement product. If you would like us to refund your purchase we will refund you minus the shipping fee provided you have submitted all of the items we require which include photographs of the damaged product the day it arrived at your door. Please note that the item must have arrived damaged during shipping or with some sort of defect.

We will NOT do refunds if the product isn't damaged. Please allow 2-5 weeks for deliver although sometimes it arrives much sooner.

For Affiliates

Affiliates will be paid a commission of 5% of every item they sell. They can also request their payment via bitcoin (BTC) to avoid any remmitance charges or conversion charges. To request payment via bitcoin please email us to affiliates@btcbracelets.com. We will remind you every time you make a sale to send us a fresh bitcoin address for your privacy.